Astoria VR – Enjoy the experience of HD virtual reality from your smart phone!

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In this modern era you are sure to see people playing with their cellphone everywhere, in the mall, restaurant, even at school. Some people even became independent on their cellphones that even gamers love them because of its portability and functions that are continuously being developed. Games from personal computer and play stations can be played in this tiny device now that is how fast innovations are when it comes to gaming. However, movies and games that are played in a television are more exciting because you can see huge images of your characters. This is the most common reason why gamers still choose play stations and personal computers over their cellphone. Great thing there is Astoria VR, a device that meets and even exceeds your expectation when it comes to virtual viewing, it is very portable so you can play your favorite games anywhere with realistic images.

What makes Astoria VR so unique?

Astoria VR is perfectly made not only for playing games, but also for watching your all-time favorite movies. Some even use this device for educational purposes this is how effective and accurate this small device is. It is portable so you can easily carry it everywhere you go and experience 3D viewing anytime. The 1080p quality of the image will definitely make you feel that everything that you see while wearing this device is 100% real, which completely adds excitement on your gaming or viewing. It is recommended not only for kids but also for those kids at heart who only wants to improve their virtual viewing experience.

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Astoria VR is designed for people of all ages, especially for kids and manufacturers guaranteed that it is completely safe to use. No need to worry about harmful side effects such as:

  •  Vomiting
  •  Difficulty in hand and eye coordination
  •  Changes in vision
  •  Eyestrain
  •  Severe headache

astoria vr is simple to use

What can Astoria VR do for you?

  •  360° viewing – Nothing is more realistic than 360° viewing and that is what Astoria VR proudly offers. It makes the images so realistic that you absolutely feel that you are the one playing and that you are inside the game while wearing it. This makes the game or your online streaming like real.
  •  Finest Quality – There are plenty of similar devices that you can find in the market but only this product offers the finest quality. It is carefully made to suit all your demands in quality virtual viewing.
  •  Easy to use – It is very easy to use that your kids can install it all by themselves. Just open your favorite app, place your phone accurately, and enjoy! Easy and hassle free.
  •  No compatibility issue – This device can accommodate almost all types of smartphones with 4.7”-6” screen.
  •  Price is right – This amazing product comes in a very affordable price with the quality that surely lasts. You are sure to get more than what you paid for.

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Upgrade your virtual viewing experience by using Astoria VR, a device that makes your gaming or online streaming experience realistic and absolutely exciting. Try one now and experience virtual viewing at its finest!

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